You never taught me.

There are times life drains the energy out of me that i wish i was never borne .Mother, you told me i was enough that i didn’t need any man to be complete but you failed to mention all the times i would have my heart broken by a guy i thought loved me , what about the time i wasted on all the relationships i knew wouldn’t work just because i wanted to be a normal teenage girl .You taught me to be happy always but you failed to mention that happiness wasn’t something we found , it was something we had to create. My happiness was defined by how many friends i had , about those short dresses i had to wear just to impress guys, i actually thought drinking was cool .Mom, you should have told me that all i needed to be happy was actually just me .You taught me to live life to the fullest but how could i when you never told me how being a woman wasn’t easy , how tough it was. You should have told me how unfair this world would be sometimes , that it was just a phase which would eventually pass .I remember you telling me that you wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer but i said i wanted to be a teacher . We laughed it off and you told me i could be anything i wanted to be as long as i was happy …mother, my dream is coming true but i don’t know who am supposed to be as a woman because you never actually prepared me to be one .Confidence was something you emphasised , you always said that as long as i was confident i could get anything i wanted .What about all those times i broke down and cried and was on the verge of giving up?You should have told me that it was okay to lean on others because there’s no shame in being human. Mother you once told me that sometimes good people do bad things but why didn’t you tell me that bad people do good things as well so i will stop judging people? You should have taught me everything about life mom because now am learning the hard way .
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